Programs & Services

Medically Complex Rehabilitation

Jewish Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is known for its expertise in treating medically complex adults. As a result, our Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Program provides quality rehabilitative services utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach. The main focus of the program is to maximize a patient’s independence in daily activities and his or her optimal level of functioning with the primary goal of successfully returning the patient to the community.

The rehabilitation team consists of physiatrists, MD’s specializing in rehabilitation; registered nurses; speech therapists; occupational therapists; physical therapists; individuals specializing in prosthetic and orthotic devices, dieticians and social workers.

We offer a structured program that includes:

  • Individualized assessment and medical treatment to help patients recover from acute episodes of injury
  • Specialized exercise equipment designed to increase mobility in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Recreation therapy to productively use leisure time in a manner which contributes to well being
  • Comprehensive case management, discharge planning and after care planning

Patients who will benefit from this program include individuals with the following needs:

  • Debilitation after prolonged illness with general deconditioning
  • Rehabilitation needs following orthopedic surgeries/injuries (hip fractures, joint replacements)
  • Acute onset of neurological changes such as strokes
  • Amputations requiring prosthetic and orthotic and gait training services
  • Degenerative changes associated with neurological or other disease states (e.g. Huntington’s, Chorea, ALS, and MS)